Sometimes, Fulltiming Is for the Birds

During the winter months we park, like many full-timers. We get out of the van for a few months to stretch out a little and regroup, take care of business we couldn’t do on the road, and download and edit imagery our stills and video, We exchange the 19 feet for 40 feet of 5th wheel and add a lot of technology.

So, in 2012, during early Spring, we discovered a pair of finches building a nest in the hitch of the 5th wheel. What a great time and place to capture nesting finches. So, we dug out the old spy camera, technology at least a decade old, wired it up from the hitch, through a window, and to our DVD recorder.

We caught several hours of the finches from soon after hatching until they left the nest.

We’re compiling the footage for a much longer version, but here is a minute of early feeding. It’s fun to watch their necks grow, their bodies grow too big for the nest, and finally leave.

We’ll post a few more shorts over time.

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