Clouds Over Carson

Back in Carson City getting ready to leave for the year, we saw something we don’t often see here–clouds. Being right in the weather shadow of the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, weather is typically sunny. But it’s damn cold in the winter.

Having clouds gave me the opportunity to try some time lapse photography with a new camera. For video/motion, we switched from the Canon XHA1 digital tape system with a Canon FS CF Pro Video Recorder to a Canon 7D Mark II. It allows me to use a single camera for stills and video/motion, capture to two built-in cards, and shoot stills at 10 fps–which is pretty damn fast. It also means we have more options for lenses, lighter rigs, and just over all better versatility than the Canon XHA1 setup. Overall, the 7D Mk II is lighter and faster to get ready to shoot with. Plus, it allows us to capture time lapse–something new to us. Here’s a trial run with the 7D Mark II, my first time laps.

This is my first attempt at time lapse. This was shot with a Ronkinon 24mm cinema lense and rendered at 24 fps.

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