YAPJ—Post #1

YAPJ (pronounced YAP-jay) is Yet Another Photography Journal.

What value is the work one goes through to produce photographs—and with film, it’s a lot—if one doesn’t share them? That’s what this YAPJ amounts to, since I’m just starting a journey into photography–both film and digital.

It’s also a motivation to not stop at pressing the shutter button–and developing negatives that end up in a notebook—or archiving files in folders buried in different hard drives and in the cloud. And, finally, it’s a chance to hear from anyone who happens across this YAPJ to comment and advise on what else I might consider in processing. So, here are a few images I used to practice in Lightroom.

A Walk in the Woods
A Walk in the Woods. Somewhere along the Nestucca River Road in Oregon.

This looked inviting, but it was on private property. The image compare block in WordPress lets you see the before and after processing.

I discovered the look of square format by studying Adrian Vila’s images at aows.co and his YouTube channel. Square format creates a perspective useful to focus the image subject(s) in some settings, although these cropped images don’t look very square here (but they are).

Before (top); After (bottom).

Not Quite a Half-Moon
Canon 60D. 70-300mm. 300mm. f22@1/250th. ISO 1600. Processed in Lightroom.

I live near a wildlife refuge. In the winter, it’s part of the migratory flyway for lots of Cackling Goose and Canada Goose. These are the Cackling Goose.

Before (top); After (bottom).

Cackling Geese Over the Refuge
Canon 60D. 28-80mm. 80mm. f7.1@1/1000th. ISO 100. Processed in Lightroom.

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