Our trips changed year to year depending on what we were interested in seeing and capturing in stories and on film.

In 2007 (pre-vanlife days), we traveled across the country in our 5th wheel trailer.

In 2008, 2009, and 2010, we didn’t travel, thanks to the financial services industry’s messing up our economy. In late 2010 we began our vanlife.

In 2011, we traveled across the Midwest and Northeast, and spent 6 weeks doing a book tour with author Bob Saar, who wrote In Memory of David’s Buick, and musician Patrick Hazell, a character in the book and in real life on the tour.

In 2012, we went to Canada and Alaska with the Military Vehicles Preservation Association (MVPA).

In 2013, we traveled the South and Southeast.

In 2014, we traveled the Mississippi River from the source to Vicksburg, then spent time in Florida before abruptly returning to the West.

In 2015, we stayed west of the Rockies for the most part. We traveled down the Front Range in late September and October.

In 2016, we mostly stayed west, and traveled for several weeks to the headwaters of the Columbia River, Alberta Birds of Prey for our second visit (we went there in 2012), Cromwell, Minnesota, back on the Mississippi, and through Colorado and Utah.

In 2017, we spent the first half of the year in Nevada, prepping the new motorhome (we call Chewy), then watched the eclipse in a great location, before volunteering for a few days at Blue Mountain Wildlife, a raptor rescue and rehab operation in Pendleton, Oregon.

In 2018, we plan on returning to Blue Mountain Wildlife in the early summer and then heading back across the country and spending the winter months on the Gulf coast. Boy, did that change. We moved into a home and sold the motorhome. But we’re still involved with Blue Mountain Wildlife, and we’ll continue to travel–just not full time.